Make sure to mark November 20 – 23, 2014 on your calendars for the 48th annual convention of the Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (ABCT) Convention in Philadelphia, PA.

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  1. I spoke with Jodi about doing a pre-conference workshop. She would do teletherapy, I could do “free tools for self-monitoring and tracking” and/or free tools for increasing adherence to homework, and/or ecological momentary assessment using mobile phones (PDAs (e.g certas), SMS, Apps), Ryan Hansen (our SIG programmer) said he could do something on creating interactive sites using wordpress– I think we could do something highlighting free tech services for clinicians and researchers


  2. Jodi Polaha

    Fred and all:
    Can we get special permission to do a preconference workshop? After our conversation I looked up the “regular” workshop submission information and the deadline was Feb 2. My telehealth coordinator emailed and they let us submit late. We are going to do a very basic workshop on telehealth/2-way videoconferening (logistics, ethics, tools, etc.) – entry level.

    I would be interested in talking more about a preconference workshop if we can get one. At the American Telemedicine Association, they do an all-day one with a difft researcher presenting a project every hour. It is great to get a sense of what is going on in the field. Maybe we could do something like that?

  3. Jodi Polaha

    Who would be interested in putting a paper into a symposium submission?

    Here is a working title: “Innovative applications of technology to extend the reach of cognitive behavior therapy”
    The papers would “hang together” around the use of technology to disseminate CBT but not as a specialty mental health service.. in a novel setting (e.g., our equipment/services are in primary care) or service delivery model.

    I could potentially contribute 2 papers to this symposium and I know Ed Bodreaux had a fitting paper as well. Any one else? Any one willing to serve as a discussant?


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