2012 SIG Poster Session

Congraduations to everyone who will be presenting at the 2012 Technology and Behavior SIG poster Session!



Perceptions of Media Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists Depicted in Session Transcript by Psychologists and Non-Psychologists. Andrea M. Macari, Ph.D.

Overcoming Addictions: Early outcomes of a randomized clinical trial. Reid K. Hester, Ph.D., Kathryn L. Lenberg, Ph.D., William Campbell, M.S., & Harold D. Delaney, Ph.D.

Comparison of engagement in a web based intervention across Hispanics, African Americans, and Whites affected by a natural disaster. Matthew Price, Tatiana Davidson, T. Christine Rawls, Kenneth Ruggiero

Elucidating Health Information Seeking User Needs.  Alana D. McMichael 

 Health Evaluation and Referral Assistant (HERA): Enabling SBIRT.  Edwin D. Boudreaux, PhD; Adam Matson; Michele Jaques; Brigitte Baumann, MD; Grant Grissom, PhD

The Role of Mindfulness in the Association Between Affect and Facebook Use. Agnes Lenda, Brad Fechter, Karolina Kowarz, Christina Barrasso, & Jennifer Block-Lerner

Using mobile phones as an adjunct to CBT in a public sector clinic. Adrian Aguilera, Ph.D.

SMS reminders for methadone counseling appointment attendance. Frederick Muench, & MerriBeth Adams

Technology Use in the Communication between Mental Health Providers and their Patients. Anita Lungu, Ignaci Contreras, Shireen L. Rizvi, Ph.D., & Linda A. Dimeff, Ph.D.

Video Games and their impact on Behavior & Values. Jared M. Broussard, BS, Eric B. Lee, BS, Benjamin Benoit, Mary Short, PhD

About Ryan Hansen

I am a second year graduate student in clinical psychology with extensive programming experience who is interested in developing online programs for the treatment of depression and anxiety.

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