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Welcome to the Homepage for the Technology and Behavior Special Interest Group

Call for Posters for the Technology and Behavior Change SIG at ABCT 2015:  

The Technology and Behavior Change SIG is requesting abstracts for posters to be presented at this years ABCT meeting in Chicago. Please send your abstracts to abcttechsig@gmail.com by July 15th. The abstract are limited to 300 words. It can be accepted as a poster or symposium at the conference already or be a new submission. We are most interested in studies that use technology to assess or foster mental health or behavior change. Look forward to seeing you all at the conference. Please pass this email along to all your colleagues!

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E-mail us your work to be posted on the repository: ABCTtechsig@gmail.com
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New technologies are being widely adopted by CBT practitioners. There are numerous web-based CBT programs for depression, anxiety, addiction and eating disorders among others. For example, virtual reality is a commonly used exposure treatment for phobias and other anxiety disorders. Self-monitoring, which is inherent in nearly all CBT interventions, is now being done through the mobile phone, yet many practitioners are still using paper and pencil forms. Unlike other orientations, CBT practitioners frequency use technology yet there is no outlet for those interested in learning more about new innovations that might assist in improving outcomes. The Technology and Behavior Change SIG is designed to be a platform for discussion and to inform practitioners of new technological developments that can help facilitate behavior change across a range of disorders. Technologies covered may vary depending on member interests (e.g. web-based interventions, virtual reality, biofeedback, electrical stimulation, mobile applications, social networking sites as interventions, etc.).

This website is designed to be a springboard for discussion. Users may add announcements such as interesting links to articles and products (e.g. apps) for other members to see, and add your name and interests to the member’s page (optional), and add conference announcements and updates.

We look forward to interesting discussions on the use of technology to help foster behavior change (and the ethical issues that arise when using novel solutions for mental health).